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What is

sugarplate ( owned by Sugarplate, Inc. is an online marketplace that connects local bakeries with buyers. Our aim is to make cake buying process easy by empowering the buyers with information about nearby bakeries, their speciality products, price and user reviews on a single platform. At the same time we want to give local bakeries greater online visibility, a platform to list their baked products and connect them to buyers. In this process, we help reduce the time, money and effort they spend on technology and marketing and allow them to focus more on their passion of baking.

Why did you choose to operate an online marketplace for baked goods?

While buying cakes for personal use, we, the founders saw the lack of available choices and inefficiency in the process. Most of the time, it would require making phone calls or store visits to check on their products. There was no price comparison, customer reviews or accurate product description. There had to be a better way in this digital age! An online marketplace that solves all of these problems was the way to go.

Is Sugarplate, Inc. (or a bakery?

No, Sugarplate is a marketplace that connects local bakers with buyers through its web portal. It is not a bakery.

Does Sugarplate. Inc prepare the baked goods listed on its site?

No, Sugarplate, Inc ( does not prepare or handle the baked goods listed on its site. All preparation and handling of the baked goods is performed by the respective bakers.

Can you guarantee the accuracy of product description, ingredient list and allergen information?

The vendor of a product is solely responsible for the accuracy of product description, ingredient list and allergen information. Sugarplate cannot and does not guarantee this.

Can I have the products delivered to me?

Deliveries of goods may be offered by individual vendors. Please check the product detail page for delivery options and prices. Sugarplate, Inc. does not currently deliver any of the listed items to buyers.

What forms of payment do you accept on your site?

We accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover. You can also pay through your PayPal account.

How is payment handled on

All payment processing is done through PayPal ( Sugarplate does not collect or store any credit card information from buyers. By using these payment services on, you agree to the PayPal User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Do you collect and store any PayPal login information?

We collect and store the PayPal login related email ID only of the vendors so that funds can be transferred to their account upon successful completion of a transaction. We do not collect or store any PayPal login information of the buyers.

Is the payment transaction secure?

Your payment information is processed through PayPal. Please check for details on their site security.

Does your website have a security certificate?

Yes, domain uses HTTPS protocol and has SSL certificate issued by LetsEncrypt (

Is my transaction covered under PayPal’s protection policy?

PayPal provides limited protection to buyers and sellers of goods that are picked up or delivered in person. Please see PayPal User Agreement regarding local pickup or delivery of goods.

If PayPal provides limited buyer and seller protection for goods picked up locally, then why do you use it?

We use PayPal for payment processing as it provides high level of security, account information protection, flexibility and convenience to both buyers and vendors.

Is my credit card charged immediately upon placing the order?

Yes, PayPal’s payment gateway will charge your credit card immediately.

What kind of personal data do you collect and do you protect user’s online privacy?

The personal data that we collect and the way we use it is stated in our Privacy Policy.

Why do you want to know my location?

Our mission is to promote small local businesses and our buyers prefer to purchase from local vendors nearby. By knowing your location, we are able to suggest products that are in your own vicinity.

I prevented your site from accessing my location, yet you took my location as Chandler, AZ, why so?

In the case that user prevents the site from accessing his/her location, we default to Chandler, AZ, which happens to be the location where we are based. The user can change this location in the search box with any physical address. We do not access user location when disallowed from doing so.

Do you charge sales tax on purchases?

Yes we do! Sugarplate, Inc. is based in Chandler, AZ, and for sales tax purposes, this location is considered as the point of sale, even though the buyer and vendor might be located in any city in the state of Arizona. In accordance with the laws of City of Chandler, we will apply a 1.5% tax on all sales.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

The cancellation and refund policy is owned and enforced by each of the individual vendors on this portal. The vendor’s cancellation policy is stated on their profile page. Sugarplate, Inc. does not state, nor enforce a cancellation and refund policy. If you wish to cancel an order, please contact your vendor directly.

I am a vendor, do I need a PayPal account?

Yes, if you are vendor, you must have a PayPal account to receive funds from your sale. To sign up for an account, please visit

What kind of PayPal account do I need to do business on Sugarplate?

You will need a PayPal Business account, that is verified. To learn about what a "verified" PayPal account, please visit PayPal Help Center.

How much commission do you charge on each transaction?

Please contact us at for our commission rates. However, if you are an early adopter, you will enjoy greatly reduced commission for a limited period and many other benefits for going on this fun ride with us.

Do I have to pay commissions to PayPal for the transactions?

No, the vendor does not have to pay any commission to PayPal. All of the commission fees charged by PayPal is paid by Sugarplate, Inc.

When will I get paid after a I make a sale?

Our system is currently setup to pay you immediately after an order is placed by the customer. We do not hold your funds. However, in future we might enhance the site to release payment to you after the goods have been delivered.

I am a vendor on your site, should I include sales tax in the price of my products?

No, Sugarplate, Inc. will collect a sales tax of 1.5% for all sales on your behalf in accordance with the City of Chandler Tax and Licensing laws. Sugarplate, Inc. will also file necessary tax reports with the city and pay the necessary taxes on regular basis. We make it all that easy for you!!.

For a vendor what are the listing requirements?

As a vendor you are required to adhere to the following:

  • High quality product images (less than 2MB size), preferably taken by professional photographers. Remember, the pictures of cakes should be so good that buyers would want to buy it.
  • Accurate product description. Accurate ingredient list and allergen information is a must. Threat of foodborne allergy is serious and we must respect everybody’s dietary choices.
  • Clear store policy regarding cancellation and refunds.
  • Maintain high level of professional service, product quality and positive customer feedback and rating.
  • If you provide delivery, clearly state delivery cost.

I am a home based baker, can I apply to sell on your portal?

Yes! We welcome all home based bakers if they want to sell through our portal. Please make sure you have the relevant permissions and verification through your state. For residents of Arizona, you can get more information regarding the Food Handler Card by visiting AZ Department of Health Services.

Do you require that I have license and permits to operate a bakery?

Absolutely, all vendors who wish to sell their products on must be licensed by their respective state, county and city and must have the necessary permits to operate a bakery.

What permits and licenses are required to operate my bakery?

Unfortunately we cannot advise you regarding the necessary permits and license to operate your bakery. Please check with your state, county and city offices for obtaining the necessary licenses and permits.

How are refunds to customer handled?

If an existing order is eligible for cancellation and refund according to your store’s Cancellation and Refund Policy, then a refund request will be made to you through your PayPal account. You are then required to approve the refund to the customer by logging into your PayPal account.

When I issue a refund to the customer, will I have to pay the transaction fee to PayPal?

When you issue a refund (either full or partial) to the buyer, PayPal retains the fixed fee portion of the transaction fee. This portion of the transactions fee will be assumed by Sugarplate, Inc. The vendor will not have to pay this. We strive to make the experience on our portal fair and pleasant to both our customers and our vendors.

What kind of computer setup do I need to conduct business through your portal?

You will need to have a computer, or laptop (PC or Mac) or a tablet which is connected to the internet at all times to access your storefront on You also need to have a printer attached to your computer to be able to print invoices for the customer.