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Aloha Cakes AZ
Aloha Cakes brings the taste of Hawaiian paradise to you. We specialize in tropical flavored cakes, including Guava, Guava Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango and Haupia. All the handcrafted cakes are made with only the best ingredients. Island flavors at your finger tips. We don't have a storefront but cakes can be picked up by appointment or can be delivered.
Baby Jane's Custom Cakes
Baby Jane's is a fully licensed out-of-home bakery located in Gilbert that specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops.
Basima Sweet Treats
I'm a home based baker in Phoenix, Az. I do vegan baking only, from cakes to cupakes and more.
Belle Sweets Bakery
Southern Favorite With A Twist- Belle Sweets Bakery is a southern-inspired vegan bakery located in Goodyear, Arizona. The bakery specializes in cookies, cakes, and sweet breads, re-imagined from traditional southern favorites. All our products are 100% vegan!
Bite Me Healthy Bakery
We specialize in meal replacement cookies that is free of gluten, soy, dairy and eggs! Our cookies pack in almost 20 grams of plant protein and have no added sugar.
Decadent Macaron
I have long loved french macarons and began a passion for creating the perfect macaron with the ever so coveted “feet”. It has proved to be a very difficult technique to master, but one of sweet victory! After sharing them with my loved ones, their love and encouragement has allowed me to share with everyone else!! The Macaron is a light meringue cookie made with almond flour and confectioners sugar sandwiched between a filling such as buttercream, ganache, jam, or curd. We strive to provide quality macarons, not only in presentation, but flavor as well!
Desert Cake Company
A licensed home baker serving anything from cookies to wedding cakes!
Dessert Daily Bakery
Welcome to Dessert Daily! I'm Kimberlee and I seriously love all things sweet. I live in sunny Arizona with my little family and I am passionate about making beautiful scratch desserts. I am always dreaming about my next creation and look forward to sharing them with you. I truly believe you can enjoy dessert daily. Looking for a way to impress your guests at an upcoming event or gathering? The Dessert Daily Bakery can provide beautiful and tasty treats for your bridal or baby shower, birthday party, corporate event, holiday gathering or as individually wrapped gifts. Order your custom treats from Dessert Daily and ensure that your guests feel special with a delicious handmade dessert.
DIVE Cake Services
We don’t just bake cakes and make them pretty. We create the perfect reality from your imagination. We pour our hearts into each dream, creating the perfect cake. We suffuse the best ingredients like European chocolate, farm-fresh butter and cream, perfectly ripe fruit, and aromatic spices, our artisans masterfully combine flavors to produce tastes beyond your imagination. Of course the the inside of the cake is a portion of your experience but the outside of the cake is decorated to make the first impression you want for your occasion. Your cake will be precisely created to highlight details which bring your vision to life. Many of our customers have commented, saying “the cake is just to beautiful to eat”, but there is never a piece of cake left over!