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Our Story

As parent of young kids, buying cakes for special occasions always involved multiple trips to supermarket bakeries, and to make matters worse, we were looking for the egg-free kind! Needless to say, it was a frustrating experience.

Where were all the specialty bakeries who take pride in their work and carefully craft each cake with genuine love, to make that special day of yours even more special?

Why was it so hard to find them in this digital age?

Why did 75% of buyers flock to the supermarket bakeries?

Why was there no online portal for all local bakers to list their products?

There had to be a better way for buyers to find the baked goods they were looking for, in one location, carefully curated content with all the relevant information, sourced by their own local bakers. We set out to build an online marketplace just for cakes and baked goods and Sugarplate was born.

Our aim is to connect buyers with local bakers through this marketplace where cakes and baked goods can be easily searched, where buyers can browse through various choices that suits their lifestyle and easily purchase it with just a few clicks. We strive to give greater visibility to local bakers, give them tools to better position and market their business so they can devote more of their time and energy to their passion of baking.